The world we live in feels increasingly more digitised every day. Streaming websites have replaced owning a VHS or DVD library. Unless you are a vinyl purist, chances are your musical library is made-up of playlists from one or many music streaming websites you subscribe to. It’s no secret that digital books and audiobooks have been increasing in popularity since their advent, but does this mean we are bearing witness to the death of the physical copy? Not at all! But the decision to have hard copies printed should come down to your genre and your niche—but most importantly, this decision should be based on your ultimate goals.

If you write fiction or romance, for example, you may be able to get away with solely focusing on distributing your book digitally. But at least printing a limited amount may turn out to be beneficial. Your printed copies are marketing tools. If you want to schedule book signings or if you speak at events, then having a few physical copies on hand could be very helpful. Take to social media and use your physical copies as prizes for free giveaways in the weeks before or following a release. If you are a nonfiction writer and your published book promotes your business, you will need more than a few copies for events and signings.

Hard copies of books have a longer market life when compared to the digital download. A book takes up physical space, and if purchased by a client or a fan, it will presumably find a home on a desk or shelf. Since your book does not live inside the memory space of a computer or mobile device, it will be intentionally or unintentionally on display–which means others will see it too. It’s harder to miss. Additionally, readers rarely throw away physical copies of books. Instead, they donate or gift them to a friend or family member, which means your physical book gets to live on.

We know that authors take pride in seeing their books’ physical copies, so we ensure that the printing process offers them the best product possible. When you feel your book is ready to be shared with the world, we’ll help you with the printing process. We’ll ensure you get the number of books you require and that they’re printed and bound to the highest quality.