About Shandon Publishing

Experts in all aspects of book publishing.

Shandon Publishing offers a full-suite self-publishing service. Our team of writers, editors, marketers and publishing industry experts offer you help from the proofreading and editing stage, to the design and printing stage, and right up to promoting and marketing your book to the public.

We know that writing a book is an incredible accomplishment, but that the publishing process can be daunting to those who want to self-publish. Our team is ready to offer you a personal, tailor-made service to make sure your book gets the publishing journey that it deserves.

Here for all genres and audiences.

From children’s books to self-help guides, from novels to non-fiction, we offer tailor-made services to any book writer who reaches out to us. We understand the fundamentals of publishing, including the finer details of layout and design, as well as the essentials when it comes to promotion and marketing. We’re passionate about turning your idea into a beautiful finished product.