Layout & Design

Is it time to begin making decisions on the design and layout of your current book or project? Our team is experienced in what layouts work for specific genres and what design tools are required to turn your book into a beautiful finished product—both as a physical copy and as an online eBook.

A common mistake that many writers unknowingly make is, believe it or not, one that doesn’t even involve the act of writing at all. Many writers get lost in designing their book cover and neglect to give the interior design the necessary time it deserves to appear professional. If you want to avoid the self-published or “free download” look, then be sure to steer clear of outsourcing this particular job to a computer. Online bookstores commonly allow shoppers to “peek” inside an eBook they are browsing. This feature lets buyers sample a few of a book’s pages, which can end up being a massive deterrent for any potential readers, even if your writing is sharp and eloquent.

Book Layout & Design image of Book

Your readers have certain expectations when opening a book in their hands or on an electronic device, and whether or not they are fully aware of this fact, they will, however, recognise this in some form if their basic subconscious expectations are not met. A subpar interior can stir up suspicion in a reader that the text they are consuming is neither credible nor worthwhile, and since there are literally millions of other books to choose from on the internet, that suspicious reader will not hesitate to click the “back” button or quickly shove your poorly formatted book back on its shelf.

Your book or project’s exterior design may initially draw a potential reader to click on or crack open a physical copy. Don’t let them down when they see the inside.

Covers rip and tear. Book jackets fall off and become lost. It’s what’s inside that really counts.

Our Layout & Design services will help your book gain the presentability and professionalism that it deserves.