Writing Critique

A critique is a detailed assessment or analysis of your literary work. What many people don’t know, however, is that not all critiques are created equal. A written evaluation of your work can come from many different places, for instance, a teacher or professor, a trusted colleague or peer, and even a professional online writing critique service.

When you seek the help of a critique service, you are entrusting a third party to provide in-depth feedback on your written work. You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours on your current project and have developed a certain amount of attachment to it, so receiving feedback on your “baby” can be a potentially emotional experience—which is exactly why your manuscript must end up in the right place. Valuable insights into your writing can be lost entirely if not properly conveyed to you.

Writing Critique services by Shandon Publishing

A solid critique can be used as an essential tool for a writer to improve and perfect their craft–regardless of how far along they are in their career or creative journey. Oppositely, a substandard critique can leave the writer feeling discouraged, frustrated, and even confused. A writing critique from an experienced professional will help you realise what is successful in your piece of writing and explain why it is working in your project’s favour. Additionally, they will let you know what elements of your project aren’t cohesive with your desired original intent and give you the tools and information needed to tackle any issues confidently.

We understand that sometimes writers need an extra bit of guidance, an objective reader, or just a fresh pair of eyes to look over their ideas. With our writing critique service, we want to act as your professional writer’s group. We offer you a fair, professional critique of your work so that you can fine-tune your ideas, find encouragement in our advice, and feel empowered to get the full potential out of your writing.